Before the 4th of July 2005 parade, PeaceNovato Co-Founders Maija Schaefer and Don Foster and Co-Chair Julie Manson stand holding the banner and a sign that gives the number of lives lost and wounded during the Iraq war to the date. PeaceNovato has carried these cranes in the Novato parade in 2005, 2006 and again this year.

PeaceNovato will continue to fold cranes and inscribe them with names until the war has ended.

Mission Statement

PeaceNovato is a group of Novato residents seeking to engage our Novato community in conversations about social justice, the environment, and nonviolent means of addressing conflicts. We are committed to:

  • Educating ourselves and our neighbors on issues by providing people with information (Peace tools) that they can use to sort things out without resorting to biased, fear based allegations

  • Sustaining and enhancing Novato's environment by supporting judicious development, continued open space acquisition, and legislation that will protect and preserve Novato's heritage, natural resources, and quality of life

  • Increasing reverence for all forms of life on the planet

  • Restoring freedoms that have been curtailed in the name of combating terrorism, and prevent further erosion of our constitutional rights

  • Better understanding the responsibilities, as well as the privileges, of citizenship in a country that seeks to be a true democracy

  • Maintaining diversity in all forms as a strength, and a source of health for our community and country

  • Maintaining open minds, listening with respect, and learning from opposing view points

Acknowledgment For Our Supporters

PeaceNovato operates on a tiny budget funded by donations and member contributions. We are also the beneficiary of the generosity of the Novato community.

We would like to thank Bart Schaefer, Chief Technology Officer of iPost. Bart, husband of PeaceNovato Co-founder Maija Schaefer, designed the spreadsheet Peace Novato uses to catalog the Peace Cranes, and has provided logistical help with the cataloging project. In addition, iPost has provided space in its offices to store the cranes. iPost is an email services company, located in Novato.

We are extremely grateful to Novato resident, Linda Johnson, owner of Half Moon Designs. A year ago Linda volunteered to design our site, and also found us free web hosting. Linda continues to volunteer her time and skills to maintain the site. Half Moon Designs, based in Novato, specializes in graphic art and web site design.

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